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Jonny On The Spot Complete Home Inspection services in Winston Salem and Piedmont Triad.My name is Jonathan Salmon and I am the owner/operator of Jonny on the Spot Home Inspections. I have been in the construction trade for a lifetime starting at age 18 when I began trade school in the field of HVAC. After completing an A.S. degree in HVAC I worked in Virginia Beach alongside a general contractor building and designing all aspects of residential homes. It is here where I spent 10 years mastering every element the construction trade.

Fast forward to 2007, I moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina and purchased a home. I believed I hired the best home inspector in town to report on my potential home. I trusted him and due to the type of sale was not permitted to inspect the property myself. After closing on the house, I performed my own stringent inspection only to find numerous defects that my home inspector missed. From rotting floor joists, improper aluminum wiring, leaks at the chimney, and the dreaded failing roofing system. All of which added up to thousands of dollars in repairs that I was not expecting.

From that day forward, I knew taking my knowledge of construction and using it to prevent a disaster like this from happening to another person was my calling. I do an additional 10 inspection points that are not required by the NC state of home inspectors. I will treat your home as my own and give you an inspection that I am proud of. That is my promise to you, to never leave you in a house with unexpected problems, but to have you living in a home that you are confident is safe and sound.