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Potential Buyer Inspection

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Conducting a home inspection before the purchase of a home is considered a must. Not only is it for the potential buyer’s safety it is also required by many mortgage lenders and banks. A bank does not want to lend out money on a house that is not in great shape, because if the borrower defaults on the loan the bank is stuck with a money pit. Likewise, a potential borrower does not want a money pit anymore than the bank does. Jonny on the Spot Home Inspections is here to prevent all parties from getting involved in a lemon house.

hands-with-key-300x200The worst thing that can happen to a home buyer is to get into a home after closing that is full of defects that will require costly out of pocket repairs. If the defects are found ahead of time the cost of the repairs can be deducted from the cost of the home or paid for by the seller. Here at Jonny on the Spot Home Inspections we use every available resource at our disposable to uncover these nasty defects that could harm our clients. We use all of the latest tools to give each and every home we inspect the third degree. Infrared cameras, digital video recording borescopes, laser precision thermometers, state of the art moisture meters, electrical circuit testers, carbon monoxide detectors, and many other devices.. Here at Jonny on the Spot Home Inspections we stand by every one of our reports and promise to never let our customers end up in a home that costs them big bucks down the road. We are here to personally explain any and every detail that is found within our reports and will leave all of our customers with a full understanding of every aspect of our reports. Call Jonny on the Spot Home Inspections before buying that money pit and go to closing with peace of mind!