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  • Residential Roofing Inspection

    According to the North Carolina Standards of Practice, which is governed by the N.C. Home Inspector Licensure Board, a home inspector is not required to walk or get on the roof of a house during an inspection. A proper inspection can be made from the attic area of a house as water damage, leaking, and […]

  • Does my home contain asbestos laden insulation?

    One of the most pressing concerns of any potential homeowner is whether or not a potential home contains materials laden with asbestos. It is now common knowledge that asbestos contains cancer causing fibers that produce an incurable form of lung cancer. Thousands of people a year die from asbestos related illnesses which has lead to […]

  • New Construction Inspection

    It is a question I get all the time, “Dear Jonny, this is a brand new home that has been inspected countless times by building inspectors from the county, do I really need a home inspection?” The answer to this question is simply yes. New homes that are built are never perfect. There are many […]