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Potential Seller’s Inspection

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Potential seller inspection for Piedmont Triad NC

Are you thinking about selling your home? Today’s real estate market is a challenging one for sellers. The few buyers that are out there have many homes to choose from and expect the home they purchase to be in great condition. If you’re in the process of selling your home, and choose not to document the home’s condition, the buyer is going to have your home inspected themselves. The buyer will then use their inspection report as a negotiating tool for a lower sales price. Why give the buyer that price leverage? Schedule an inspection yourself and use it as a marketing tool to attract potential buyers and to negotiate the highest possible sales price. A seller’s inspection will help you at the negotiating table, paying for itself many times over, but first it will help you get there by addressing any concerns and make your home more appealing to potential buyers and their realtors.


  • Including an inspection report as part of your real estate listing shows your house is in great or better condition and is a great marketing tool. The report distinguishes your house from competing properties attracting both buyers and realtors to your home.
  • Having an unbiased, well documented report disclosing the homes condition adds credibility to the listing price, which builds trust about you and your property. Trust is a key element in any transaction, which contributes to buyers being able to move forward with signing a contract.
  • potential buyer inspections avoiding money pits Including a seller’s inspection as part of a “For Sale by Owner’s” listing enhances credibility with a professional unbiased opinion about your property.
  •  Having an inspection done prior to receiving a sales contract allows you the choice of fixing any concerns that could become stumbling blocks at the negotiating table.
  •  If the buyer’s inspector finds undisclosed issues, the buyer may choose to withdraw from the contract. A seller’s inspection discloses the issues upfront, building trust and preventing an unnecessary termination of your contract.
  •  The price concessions buyers ask for are frequently based on inflated repair estimates. The information contained in the inspection report provides you the flexibility to provide more accurate repair estimates or make the repairs yourself at your convenience and at more reasonable prices.
  •  If you choose not to make repairs, disclosing them up front substantiates the home’s listing price in its current condition, which can deflate buyer’s objections regarding the repair issues.
  •  A seller’s inspection can help justify and support a higher asking price than competing properties if concerns don’t exist or have been corrected.
  • Having professional documentation to support the information in your disclosure statement reduces your liability should a post sale legal issue come up.


The biggest concern we all face as home buyers is whether or not there are going to be any surprises after we move in that will require expensive repairs. Sellers who answer this question up front with a well documented inspection report make it easier and more likely for buyers to proceed towards presenting you a contract to purchase your home. I am happy to answer any questions you might have or schedule your inspection either by phone at 336-575-6558 or through email at jon@jonnyspot.com  I look forward to talking with and working for you.