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Residential Roofing Inspection

According to the North Carolina Standards of Practice, which is governed by the N.C. Home Inspector Licensure Board, a home inspector is not required to walk or get on the roof of a house during an inspection. A proper inspection can be made from the attic area of a house as water damage, leaking, and other structural problems in a roof can be seen from there. However, the shingle condition, backing, roof penetrations, and chimney areas will not be 100% checked out unless the inspection is done physically on the roof. That is why at Jonny on the Spot Home inspections we always make every effort to physically walk every home we inspect.

By utilizing a bore scope video camera, I have found plumbing vents, like the one pictured above, that are not even connected to the plumbing system. During hard rains, water would enter the plumbing stack and drain directly into the attic. Serious defects like this can only be found from being top side on the roof. Jonny on the Spot Home Inspections makes every effort to inspect the roof personally and physically. We even wear a harness to gain access to some of the steeper angled roofs. While performing a home inspection, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond the N.C. Standards of Practice to ensure our home inspections are the most complete and accurate possible.

Professional Roofing Inspection done correctly